Pest Control Solutions for Enterprise Level Customers
As the official licensee of the Thermokil system in Cyprus, we are the only private Cypriot company able to use organic heat treatment techniques for the control of stored-product insect pests in food production machinery and buildings, as well as treatment of bed bugs in hotels, aircraft and private dwellings. Thermokil is especially used to combat timber pests like Woodworm in buildings, as well as wooden pallets & packaging for export shipping (ISPM15 license number 002). We have a specially built heat treatment chamber that treats a variety of shipping materials and goods for international export, as well as timber for construction. We also have custom Thermokil-equipped vehicles that are sent all over the island.

Another option we offer our partners is fumigation. This service is used to fumigate crates, pallets and loads for export, grain stores and silos, flat bed stores and containers. We also have a special chamber on our premises for fumigating loads brought to us. Our pigeon control options include using roof spikes and nets.

Termite eradication in buildings is done with highly effective internationally-approved injected chemicals. We also offer preventative treatments to contractors for new buildings. This is an important step in the building process, ensuring a structure will be termite and woodworm free. Our certificate of treatment offers incentive to potential buyers.

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