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Hire Kill Pest Control Services has been operating since 1995. After changing management in 2007, Hire Kill’s mission statement shifted from general pest control services to more specialized services primarily aimed at the shipping sector and termite control for homeowners.

Once we acquired the license to use Thermokil heat treatment technology, we built a specialized heat chamber and now treat pallets, shipping crates, furniture and lumber on a daily basis.  

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We work closely with the shipping industry to safely treat shipping pallets and crates with the Thermokil process so they can be legally exported overseas.


The lumber industry is one of our biggest partners as lumber needed for building needs to be treated before it can be used, in order to prevent warping.


We have a lot of clients who send us their antiques for heat treatment after a woodworm infestation. This includes private individuals, antique dealers and churches.


We have a long history treating water supplies to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading disease.