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Providing Professional Pest Control Services to Cyprus Since 1995

HireKill provides companies in the Republic of Cyprus with highly focused services dealing with the treatment of shipping pallets, crates, furniture, buildings, load hauling vehicles and aircraft. Our partners include some of the biggest shipping, import/export, hospitality, construction, timber and transport organisations in operation. Our managers; Michael Michael and Richard Michael are graduates of the Royal Society of Health, UK. They are members of 3 international pest control associations, and Michael is a registered professional of Pest Control by BASIS PROMPT UK.


Fully Equipped and Trained Technicians

Our technicians are all fully trained in administering chemicals and using our advanced wood treatment equipment.


Top Rated Professional Services

Our clients always give us top ratings.

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Our support team works hard to ensure that all our clients are fully supported. We're ready to address any concerns you may have, and walk you through all the procedures we will take to best service your unique needs.

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We offer testing for termites and woodworm at homes and businesses

The best way to protect your property from pest infestation is to carry out regular inspections of the foundations and walls.


Pests Pose Real Health Threats

Pests can spread deadly and potentially fatal diseases. Some pests can cause significant problems for public health, such as: Lyme disease, malaria, rabies and Zika virus (spread by rodents, ticks, mosquitoes). Asthma and allergies that are triggered by indoor household pests like cockroaches.


Damage to Property and Belongings

A pest infestation can quickly destroy a living space and destroy property values if no action is taken to address the issue.


Peace of Mind

Knowing your living or work space is being kept safe from insects, rodents and the diseases they spread helps maintain a healthy peace of mind.